About Us
Jim is quick to point out the store's meats section, which offers a variety of beef and chicken. The beef is all USDA Certified Angus Choice or higher grade and is cut right on site. Selections included an assortment of marinaded options like Texas barbecue, Cajun, lemon pepper or herb and garlic. "One thing that is really new is that we vacuum seal all of the meats," Jim says. "This way there are no trays or overwrap. It takes out more than 99 percent of the air out of the packages which makes the beef a whole lot safer."
Another popular favorite is the steak tip sandwich that is sold at the deli counter, which offers a full line of made to order sub sandwich selections, including roast beef and turkey – both of which are cooked on site.

"I make our own chicken salad, macaroni salad and we have homemade chili," Jeannine says. "I also bake the cookies and biscuits and other baked goods." Recently, Jim says, we began to notice people were concentrating not only on their specific grocery purchases – and how much money they spent on each item – but also they were staying closer to home and supporting the local economy while doing so.
That is why the Spillers now are concentrating on bringing in more locally produced products, including burger from our own cattle. "We are able to sell locally produced foods at reasonable prices," he says. "When I can replace a commercially produced item with something local, I am trying to do that."
Spillers' Farm Store also offers Green Mountain Coffee, Blue Seal Feeds and in warmer weather features a wagon just outside its front door stocked full of fresh produce from the family farm. To compliment your fresh food needs Spillers' is a State of Maine licenced Agency Liquor Store with a great selection of spirts and a huge selection of ice cold beer and fine wines
Spillers' Farm Store is open 6am - 9pm Daily. For more information, call (207) 985-3383 or contact us.